Project Management

Projects can vary enormously in both subject matter and size. A project can have goals as different as taking a rocket to the moon or deciding which coffee machine to buy for the office

What is the Project Management:

  • Ensure that the requirements are met;
  • Ensure that the deadlines are met;
  • Manage the project costs;
  • Create standards for routine work projects;
  • Eliminate duplication of effort;
  • Ensure that projects are under control;
  • To maximize the use of resources

Build and Develop Project Team

  • The selection, construction and development of the project team is one of the sets of activities most critical of all project management;
  • It conditions the whole development of the project and the quality of the final result;
  • It is a critical success factor often overlooked or memorized;
  • Because not enough technical skills.
  • And professionals with high mastery of certain skills are scarce resources and played in organizations.

Identify and define Haves Desirable Skills and the Exists in Bosom Team.

Skills Type Professionals to consider:

  • Knowledge and experience;
  • Qualities Professionals;
  • Attitudes and Behaviors.

Skills can be held with different degrees or levels Domain – For example, the difference between being Mozart and Salieri in Music.