Explosives / Demolition

Definition: Chemical composition unstable, solid, liquid or gas which then conveniently initiated changes its composition releasing energy in the form of heat, light, sound and pressure, the end result being a violent expansion of gases.

Explosive Device. All explosive munitions containing explosives, nuclear fission or fusion materials and biological and chemical agents. This includes bombs and war heads; guided missiles and ballistic; artillery; mortars; rockets; and small ammunition. All mines; torpedoes and depth charges; pyrotechnics; groups and distributors; propellants; electro-explosive devices; clandestine and improvised devices, and all similar or related items or components explosive in nature.

Unexploded ordnance (UXO/ERW). Explosive Device that was started, espoletado, armed or otherwise prepared form to be used. It may have been fired, dropped, launched or projected yet remains unexploded ordnance, either through friction or design error or for any other reason

Commercial explosives. Use and handling of explosives for civil works, seismic acquisition and others.